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Gao Tang Ming Mirror is sad and white, and it is like a blue silk. In the past, Li Bai��s "I will enter the wine", I am most concerned about the rhythm of these two sad times, but now, these two poems seem to burn. The brazing iron with a red fireworks fires back and forth on my heart. Let me mutter, let me suffocate, let me not dare to go high-profile again, "The singer of life is full of joy, and the gold is empty to the moon" It��s like, I haven��t cherished it, I��m all white, my heart is full of fear, even crying, it��s a little powerless, this wild horse, I��m flying fast, like that. The speed of light makes me feel guilty, let me tremble, let me stay in the woods. I have the heart to catch up, but it flies, and for me, it can only be the power to be able to take a bag and carry the moonlight on the road. The little friends have now lived a smoky day. The children who once arrogant and even the world are not willing to be infected Marlboro Gold, are now on the road to rural women and children. The women who once agreed to eat the fireworks are now married Parliament Cigarettes. Be a woman, when I calm down When you look back at the past with your eyes closed, everything seems to be yesterday. You can open your eyes and see the three-dimensional and real world in front of you. If you are separated from the world, my heart is repulsive to such reality. I can't accommodate it at all. Because I deliberately put myself into the child's column. I really thought that if I didn't grow up, my parents wouldn't be old. As long as my parents are not old, I will always have them. Rely on. But reality, with his cruel palm, gave me five bright red fingerprints, it reminds me that time is not cool, I am half old. I like to live on campus every day, deliberately to isolate the outside The world. I think that there are places where there are ambiguities, there is youth, there is energy. I don't like the night scenes outside, I don't like the life of those who are drunk in KTV, and I don't like the complicated downtown. Because they always Let me think of the "society" involuntarily, always reminding me with my eyes, I have already passed the age of a paper crane to satisfy my age. So, compared to the outside world, I Willing to nest in a corner where no one is disturbing, telling myself that we are still young, I will refuse to meet old friends, especially those who are already husbands and wives, because when their children shout When you are "auntie", you have to admit that you are old. Even if you have a lot of reluctance, you can deceive yourself and finally fail to surpass reality. Therefore, I instinctively refuse to refuse certain people and certain things. I always think that As long as you can't see it, youth will not always think about this place. The heart is always soaring. While pity for the lost time, while doing it in the heart, I will be a woman who will live up to the time. I always feel that As long as you have achieved success, as long as you grow up as a child you want to be, you will not be able to live up to the lost youth. How many people are alive, he is already dead, and in my youth that I have not squandered, I am not willing to Let yourself be a living dead. Even if one day, I look old, but I always believe that "there is a poem in the belly of China." He is the best chip to control the wild horse. "The water in front of the door is still able to sing, the rest will sing the yellow chicken", and in the "Chunxi Shayou Shuiqing Qingquan Temple", the rumors of cherishing the time have already been revealed, but If we are not enough, we will leave it alone. Therefore, the time is not cool, and the youth is not completely absurd, wake up! I must not be old, remembering every step I have taken, I still have a lot of wishes Marlboro Lights, only a heartless word: nothing! "Adolescents are difficult to learn Marlboro Cigarettes, and an inch of time can not be light Newport 100S. I don't think the pond spring grass dreams, the front leaves are already autumn." Zhu Xi's "Encourage Learning" is not too late, why do you and I blame yourself, and this is good in advance. The time, indulge the youth of the wild horses to galloping? Let youth grow old in the sweat, let life be brilliant in hard work! Change yourself, start from this moment, as long as you and I have the heart, everything is not too late!

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